Comfy is a video uploaded on the 20th of February.

Content Edit

The first 50 seconds of this video is devoted to Jordan Walker holding an armless and legless fabric doll, and gently stroking it while it mutters incoherently.

After these fifty seconds however, the doll begins to speak while slightly distorted footage of classic video games plays in the background.

Dialogue Edit

"It's ok if you want to stay in your room."
"It's ok if you want to be alone."
"The world is very loud outside, but it is quiet in here."
"Video games are comfy. Dissociation is comfy."
"It is comfy to feel lost."
"It is comfy to feel small."
"Give into the void for as long as you wish, because time does not pass when you are comfy."
"This is what you need. This is what you want."
"The vacuous fingers of no past, future, or meaning envelop you, making you feel present in ways unlike anything else you are used to feeling."
"Do you remember childhood?"
"Do you remember Pokemon?"
"Do you remember Sonic The Hedgehog?"
"Do you remember Super Mario Brothers?"
"Do you remember the old internet?"
"Do you remember your parents?"
"Do you remember your friends?"
"Do you remember being bullied on the playground?"
"Do you remember camping in the wilderness and staring into outer space?"
"How good does it feel to cry?"
"How good does it feel to laugh with hollowness in your voice?"
"Stay down here with me. Stay as long as you like."
"Talk to me, and feel comfy."
"Because I am your comfy friend."

Characters Edit