"Count Sheep" is a video that was uploaded on the 18th of April 2017.

Content Edit

"Count Sheep" starts with four characters, a Ram, a Head, a Rabbit, and a Bear looking at a picture of nine sheep, with the Ram telling the other three that he can teach them how to fall asleep.

All of these characters speak only in subtitles, accompanied by voice murmers.

Ram: and now I will teach u best way fall 2 sleep.
Ram: best way is count sheep.
Head: There's 9 of them.
Ram: hm. was fun while it lasted.
Rabbit: Is there a meaning to this?
Ram: a meaning?
Bear: Yeah, what's the point?
The Ram then begins violently shaking, as the video itself starts to distort and show different images such as a nebula in space or the Moon in the night sky.

The video ends with the words "It's okay, just try again" on a black background. Whoever is saying this is creating no voice murmers, and it is unlikely it is the Ram due to his spelling errors.

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Notes Edit

  • When the Ram says "hm. was fun while it lasted", the w in "was" is in a completely different font to the rest of the sentence.