"Feel Good Today" Is a video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 10th of September 2017.

It is the second video to star the Reptilian Therapist as a main character.

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Approximately the first minute of the video is merely the Reptilian Therapist talking against a variety of colourful backgrounds.

"Feel good today."
"You're stronger than you think."
"Look at the map. You are here."
"You construct the meaning you choose."
" it good to feel glad? Or is it good to feel sad?"
"It's never too late to try something new."
In the next scene, we are shown a small purple creature emerging from the bottom of the screen, they move for a little bit before encountering the Reptilian Therapist.
"Mmhello there."
"You look like a very small, helpless little creature, allow me to introduce myself."
"I am a certified therapist, and one of the highest names in the mental health industry"
"I'm here to help you with your troubles"
"Tell me a bit more about yourself"
The Helpless Purple Creature says nothing.
"Well that's very fascinating. What else can I help you with today?"
The Purple creature once again stays quiet.
"Oh I'm sorry, your free session has expired. Feel free to take my card, and schedule your next appointment."
The Reptilian Therapist holds out a buisiness card with the words "I'm here 2 help" along with a phone number which reads "855-5❤5-5❤5" The hearts may stand for zeroes, but this is unclear.
"Well, I'd better be getting home. I've had a pretty long day."
We are then shown a landscape of green rocks underneath a red sky, based on the Reptilian Therapist's comment about going home, this may be where his home is located.

The next shot is inside a dark room, with candles burning, which quickly shifts to the Reptilian Therapist's notebook, surrounded by more candles. This is presumably the Reptilian Therapist's home.

The Reptilian Therapist appears, and we are able to hear his thoughts.

"One day I will have my very own office, in a very big clinic, in a very big city."
"I will fix my patients... and they will fix me."
The video then ends.

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  • It is odd that the Reptilian Therapist claims to be one of the highest names in mental health, and yet doesn't even have his own office.