"He Is Dark Red" Is a video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 26th of January 2018.

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"He Is Dark Red" begins by showing a split second of a spinning orb of a matter red substance, before switching scenes to a red background.

The camera pans down to reveal a red creature with two eyes, and a head structure that resembles a crown. This may be the person referenced in the video's title, and as a working name he might as well be referred to as "Dark Red".

We are then shown two other creatures, that are shortly afterwards revealed to be sitting to the Left and Right of him.

They begin to speak to some character who seems to be seeing things from the camera's perspective.

Dark Red: Well, you did it.
Left Hand Creature: haha nice
Right Hand Creature: SUCH A SHAME.
Dark Red: Hate to break it to you, but...
Dark Red: You have a long, lonely road ahead of you.
Right Hand Creature: DEVASTATING.
Left Hand Creature: i mean
Left Hand Creature: you were gonna die anyway
Left Hand Creature: haha
The scene shifts with a static transition, and we are shown the matted ball again, rotating in mid air.

Then suddenly the camera cuts into a forest of red tubes emerging from the ground, these may be trees or some other structure in this world.

As the camera moves, Dark Red begins to speak again.

"First things first."
"Go to the bottom of the ocean."
"Find the Dead Fish"
"He'll tell you what to do next"
We then get a short clip of Dark Red turning his head to the left (From our perspective) with a static distortion, before the video ends.

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