"I Watch You Sleep" is a video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 24th of February 2018.

This video likely takes place inside The House.

Content Edit

"I Watch You Sleep" begins with a view of many bizarre objects in a dark void. The camera appears to be from the point of view of some walking creature, as it bobs up and down and footsteps can be heard.

The creature whose point of view we are seeing walks around this are full of purple objects before all of ta sudden the camera cuts to the creature in a different place, looking at objects covered in a black substance as opposed to being bright purple.

The camera then shifts again, with a different scene, as the creature whose eyes we are looking through walks out from behind a pile of blocks to show the Purple Monster, lying down in the darkness and breathing heavily.

It is implied that the Purple Monster is sleeping, even though it's eyes are open.

We are then taken to an external camera, looking at a purple arch structure. As we watch the scene, a human eyeball pokes it's way through the middle of the arch.

Text takes over the screen, it reads;

After this text is over, the screen suddenly goes black, with scratchy staticy sound-effects, until the message "SIGNAL LOST" appears in red lettering.

The video then ends.

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Notes Edit

  • It is unclear who is talking near the end of the video, and whose eyes you see through in the video. This boils down to a few possibilities.
    1. You were seeing through the eye of The Eyeball. Someone externally is talking about the eyeball as a "Precious Lifeform".
    2. You were seeing things through the eyes of an unseen creature. The Eyeball is talking about this unseen creature as a "Precious Lifeform".
  • Whoever is talking is almost definitely not talking about the Purple Monster as a "Precious Lifeform", seeing as this would imply that the Purple Monster had been captured. Even if that had happened, the Purple Monster is not watching anyone sleep, as whoever is talking says.