"It's a Tree" is a video that was uploaded on the 7th of May 2017.

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"It's a Tree" begins with human hands waving around in front of a multicoloured branching structure, that is supposedly The Tree.

A human voice accompanies these hands. This voice may be Jordan Walker, The Purple Monster, or a new character entirely.

The entity begins to talk about how much they like the tree, and how they want to change the tree.

They add leaves, balls, goopy drips, smaller trees, a party hat, an orange background, a lantern, and random objects including a lizards foot and a paper crescent moon ornament before deciding to put Little People on the tree as well.

The Little People are armless and legless, made out of some black material with coloured eyes. They are able to speak using subtitles, the colour of the subtitles matches the colour of each person's eyes.

There are three Little People, one with red eyes, one with blue eyes, and one with purple eyes.

Once placed on the tree, the Little People become confused and scared as to where they are and who / what they are.

The entity places a bizarre object near the tree saying that it is a "Friend for the tree". This terrifies the Little People, and the entity decides that it doesn't like the Tree's Friend.

It then decided that it does not like The Tree, and begins to shake it, knocking off the Little People.

The Little People end up in some strange land of colour and blackness, reminiscent of The House.

They ask a floating shrouded Skull Creature that they come across for help.

Blue Person: Hey, you over there! Can you help us?
Skull Creature: Help u?
Skull Creature: Help u with what?
Blue Person: We don't know where to go.
Blue Person: Can you tell us where we are?
Skull Creature: lmao
Skull Creature: You exist in a video on the internet
Skull Creature: Where u are is pretty irrelevant lol
Blue Person: Irrelevant? Internet? What do you mean?
Skull Creature: it's not even a long video
Skull Creature: Soon you won't exist
Skull Creature: just like do somethin fun with the short time u have haha
The Skull Creature then flies off into the darkness, leaving the Little People to wander through the darkness wondering what it will be like to not exist.

They talk among themselves, about how they don't remember anything before the Tree, and that maybe that's what non-existence will be like.

The video begins to go grey and fill with static as the Little People walk. One of them says "I'm glad we're together".

We are then shown a close-up of the branches of the tree for the final few seconds of the video.

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