This page refers to the Youtube Video.
If you are looking for the creator, check Jordan Walker. If you are looking for the masked character check Masked Jordan. If you are looking for the MedicalMedical patient, check Patient 17999 (Character).

"Jordan" is a video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 15th of September 2017.

Content Edit

The opening shot of "Jordan" is of various different kinds of video game controllers hanging from some unseen ceiling by strings.

A masked version of Jordan Walker begins to walk through this scene, wearing not shirt. They move past the controllers and continue onward.

There is a static transition, with the scene reset, except this time the Jordan moving through the controllers is wearing a purple striped shirt, and has no mask.

The next scene consists of two white stars, each with an eye in their center. The same thing happens, with Masked Jordan moving through the scene, the scene resetting, and normal Jordan doing the same thing.

The next scene is simply a glowing "EXIT" sign, hanging in the darkness.

Masked Jordan does not appear in this scene, instead, normal Jordan walks past the sign and the video ends.

Characters Edit

Meaning Edit

Many people have interpreted this as Jordan Walker's way of saying that he will not be going back to Gaming Review content.

Masked Jordan seems to represent Jordan Walker's abstract and creative side, whereas the normal Jordan (Or "Gaming Jordan" as some have taken to calling him) represents Jordan Walker's analytical and video game loving side.

The "Gaming Jordan" going past the exit sign represents the fact that gaming content has left the channel.

Trivia Edit

  • During the static transitions between Masked Jordan and "Gaming Jordan" moving between the scenes, a close up image of a video game controller and white star can be seen.