MedicalMedical is an organisation first referenced by name in the video "Patient 17999".

They seem to be some sort of hospital or medical research agency, though they definitely give the impression that they are hiding their true nature.

They use patients such as Patient 17999 to create videos about MedicalMedical, having them read off scripts that show MedicalMedical in a positive light.

They seem to invent and manufacture their own products and medicines, such as various antipruritics which they test on Patient 17999.

Other than this information, nothing is known about MedicalMedical's goals or agenda. They may simply be a harmless organisation who is terrible at marketing themselves as anything more than an evil shadow corporation.

Relation to The Factory Edit

"The Factory" from the video "Lost in the Factory" and MedicalMedical may be one and the same, there is definitely evidence supporting this.

  1. In the video "Patient 17999", MedicalMedical, points out that it is very difficult to get lost in their clinic, and that if anyone does get lost they can as an attendant. The whole premise of "Lost in the Factory" seems to be that someone has gotten lost. These may seem like opposites, but they both present a theme of getting lost inside a building or corporation.
  2. In a short scene in the video "Patient 17999" the MedicalMedical logo appears on the television screen from the end of the hallyway from the video "Lost in the Factory".

Appearances Edit

  1. MedicalMedical appears throughout the video "Patient 17999", seeing as they are one of the main focuses of it.
  2. The MedicalMedical logo appears for three frames hidden in a static transition in the video "Distant Signals".