The Purple Monster is a popular recurring character in several of Jordan Walker's productions, being the main character of the "This Is My" Series.

They haven't been given a proper name by Jordan Walker.

The Purple Monster lives in The House, and is responsible for "collecting" all the objects and creatures that can be found inside. He seems to be motivated to do this by some belief that it will make him happy.

Physical Description Edit

The Purple Monster has matted curly purple fur. Small patches of blue and red fur can be seen dotted around seemingly at random among the purple fur, though these are barely noticeable.

He has bright pink lips and blue eyes with half-closed lids. These eyes never move or close, even when the Purple Monster is sleeping.

In the first video he appeared in, "This Is My House", the Purple Monster had black irises. This changes in the video "This Is My Girlfriend" where he has blue irises.

The Purple Monster has a second tongue that resembles a worm. It emerges from the back of the Purple Monster's throat.

One-off Body Parts Edit

Several parts of the Purple Monster's body seem to appear as parts of specific scenes. They are presumably retractable in some way.

Human Teeth Edit


For a brief scene in the video "This Is My House", the Purple Monster is shown to have a row of human teeth on his upper jaw. All he does during this scene is rock back and forth and make disturbing noises.

Mandibles Edit


In the video "This Is My Angry Face" there is a scene in which the Purple Monster is seen with two tooth-covered mandibles, each resembling the upper jaw of a canine. They move back forth while the Purple Monster makes clicking noises.

It is unclear if the Mandibles are part of his Angry Face.

Angry Face Edit

As demonstrated in the video "This Is My Angry Face", the Purple Monster's Angry Face consists of two red eyes with dilated pupils that need to be manually installed after his normal eyes have bee removed.


The Angry Face.

Arms Edit


One of the Purple Monster's hands holding his eye.

In various scenes where the Purple Monster needs hands to perform some action, he suddenly seems to have purple arms and hands, despite these never being seen properly connecting to the body.

Emotions Edit

The Purple Monster rarely talks about his emotions. What we do know is that he seems to try and fill The House with objects in the belief that it will make him feel things when he just feels cold.

He seems to become angry with no provocation, as evidenced in This Is My Angry Face.

They do not seem to care about the rights and emotions of others.

Appearances Edit