"That Place Over There" was a video uploaded on the 5th of April 2017.

Content Edit

"That Place Over There" begins with two figures, a White Figure and a Red Figure, looking over at the ruins of a castle.

White Figure: Hey, what's that place over there?
Red Figure: That place is empty. No one lives there...
White Figure: What happened to the people who lived there?
Red Figure: Like all things that were once living, they ultimately became replaced by emptiness...
White Figure: Wait, what does that mean?
Red Figure: They died or something.
White Figure: Oh.. Well, that sounds really sad.
Red Figure: It is not sad. It is simply the way things are.
White Figure: Well can we go explore that place and see what's inside it?
Red Figure: Absolutely not. It would not be worth our time.
The video then ends with another shot of the castle ruins.

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