The House is a location that is seen throughout many of Jordan Walker's videos. It is a seemingly endless dark void contained inside a small blue toy house on top of a rock.

It is unknown where The House came from. The Purple Monster claims he own it, and is definitely the dominating force inside of it, but it is unknown if he created The House or found it.

Things Edit

The Purple Monster fills The House with many things in an attempt to satisfy a cold feeling inside. These things are seemingly taken from many different worlds, including Earth.

It is unknown how many objects (If any) were in the house prior to the Purple Monster's collecting.

Many of these "things" are alive and monstrous, meaning the house is populated with a number of bizarre creatures.

External Features Edit

From the outside, the House appears to be a small blue wooden structure with finite dimensions. It sits atop a steep hill or rock, set against a red sky with a large yellow sun.


The House's second entrance.

The Purple Monster states that there is another entrance to his house, one that he can easily fit inside.

It appears to be some sort of white structure that appears to be leaking the inky darkness of The House.

Both the Front Door and the second entrance most likely correspond to exits inside the House, but these exit's locations are unknown.

Locations Inside The House Edit

There are several known locations inside The House.