The Insects is a video uploaded on the 19th of March 2017. This video, while still in a more disturbing style, does attempt comedy in places.

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This video starts of with Jordan Walker sitting alone in the dark, when suddenly he is smacked in the side of the head by a small house, suspended from above.

The roof of the house slowly opens and the skeleton of a bird emerges.

The bird states that; "One day the insects are going to eat you." before descending back into the house.

A rat's skeleton emerges and continues with; "Just like the insects ate us", before it too goes back inside.

A large dragonfly emerges next and repeats the statement from the Bird Skeleton.

A large beetle emerges next stating; "Or your body will turn to dust".

The house then attempts to fly away, but Jordan tells it to come back.

Jordan then engages in conversation with the beetle character once more.

Beetle: What is it?
Jordan: What if I don't want to be eaten by insects?
Beetle: You don't have a choice, that's as it's always been.
Jordan: Can I stop it from happening?
Beetle: Why would you want to stop it from happening?
Jordan: Because it sounds gross.
The dragonfly then emerges again, and takes over talking to Jordan.
Dragonfly: There's nothing gross about it. Human flesh tastes extraordinary.
Dragonfly: Besides, once you're dead you won't care. You'll become us, and then you'll think like us.
Jordan: Well... what do I do now?
Dragonfly: Ask someone who cares.
The house then leaves for good.

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The original lines of the four characters in the house become a rhyming poem when put together fluidly.

One day the insects are going to eat you,
Just like the insects ate us.
One day the insects are going to eat you,
Or your body will turn to dust.