"This Is My Angry Face" is a video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 21st of July 2017.

It is the third video in the "This Is My" Series.

Content Edit

"This Is My Angry Face" begins with the Purple Monster, sitting in the dark void of what is presumably The House.

One of his eyeballs falls out, and he begins to speak.

"I'm not myself today..."
"I have my angry face on today..."
The Purple Monster then turns around, revealing that the eyeballs that fell out have been replaced with different ones. These eyes have extremely dilated pupils and red irises.
"This is my angry face..."
We are then shown a disturbing scene of the Purple Monster with his mouth wide open, and large toothy mandibles emerging from within. These mandibles appear to be the skulls of some kind of canine.
"I'm not myself when I have my angry face on."
"I'm feeling cross..."
"I'm somewhat lost..."
"I'm looking for someone..."
"To put inside..."
"My Angry Box..."
The Purple Monster then holds up a red cage-like box. The hand holding it begins to shake violently, before the video ends with the sounds of distorted sobbing.

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