"You're Beautiful" is a short video that was uploaded to Youtube on the 13th of June 2017.

Content Edit

"You're Beautiful" is largely just dialogue, with an odd-looking Angler Fish speaking directly to the audience.

Dialogue Edit

"Oh, what are you?"
"How did you get down here?"
"You don't belong here."
"I must say, you're beautiful. You must have come from the world above."
"What's it like up there? Are the rumors true?"
"Can you see the void up there?"
"Can you see the great ball that keeps us all alive?"
"I can't see anything. My world is dark."
"You must be very lucky..."
The Angler Fish then begins to laugh.
After this dialogue has passed, the video ends.

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • The "void" and "great ball" of which the Angler Fish speaks are likely the sky/space and the sun.